Lightning strikes tree during thunderstorm in Ladysmith

People who saw the tree fall were shocked that lightning could drop a tree in a matter of seconds
The tree in Christopher Park that was hit by lightning

Lightning struck a tree in Francis Road on Monday (October 23).

People were standing outside at San Marco (Pick ‘n Pay) Centre watching the thunderstorm on Monday afternoon to see if there was going to be any hail.

There were numerous lightning strikes in the area and over town, and then suddenly one hit a tree in Christopher Park on the other side of the road from the shopping centre.

Those watching the storm saw the tree crashing to the ground.

Business people in the area say the tree had suffered damage before in many other storms, and this was the proverbial last straw (or lightning bolt) that broke the camel’s back (or tree as the case may be).

The tree completely destroyed a bench in the park as it slammed into the ground.